Spiral earrings

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The ancient symbolism of spiral earrings

The spiral is a symbol used by many cultures whose meaning is related. The spiral represents the journey that all human life involves in the evolution of one's consciousness. It can be understood as the path that leads through the labyrinth to the unity or self (who one truly is) located at its center. From the perspective of nature, the spiral can be understood in the opposite sense: the expansion from a center (unity) to the outside (the earthly plane of the elements).

How our handmade spiral earrings are made

There is one element that distinguishes our spiral earrings. Not only do they have a spiral shape, but they are also based on the shape of a rhombus, which gives them a geometrical and harmonious appearance at the same time. This earrings are an acetate spiral piece put with a golden brass steel stud fastening. For pierced ears. All Aprés Ski products are nickel free. These spiral earrings are made in Spain.