Pyramid necklaces

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The ancient symbolism of Pirámide necklaces

Along with other symbolic representations such as mandalas, the pyramid is a sign of wholeness. Indeed, pyramids reflect the connection between what is above and what is below. Starting with a quadrangular base (on one side, the base of a triangle), the earthly plane of the elements is represented.

Through the sides of the triangle, the shape of the pyramid is generalized as they converge at a single upper point. This upper point symbolizes the principle of primordial unity, from which all the elements of our surrounding reality have been created. 

How Pirámide is made

Pirámide belongs to the Ajuar collection. Designed by Aprés Ski and created by hand by Sebahhatin; a Turkish artisan that works with gold plated silver in a traditional way. Material : Gold plated silver Measures: each charm 1×1cm chain 42cm All our products are nickel free