Après Ski neckalaces, pendants and bracelets are very delicated so we choose to send them in a special envelope with bubble wrap. "In and Out" is the new Après Ski packaging. A white box of matches will be intervened every time by a different guest artist.

The first one is Antonio Ladrillo, painter, illustrator, designer and a good friend. The result is this pretty box with mountains and pines.

The second guest is Mike Swaney, a Canadian artist based in Barcelona.

The third guest is Ana Montiel, a Spanish artist based in London.

The fourth guest is Miju Lee, a Korean illustrator based in Barcelona.

The fiveth guest is Carla Fuentes, a Spanish illustrator based in Madrid.

The sixth guest is Klas Ernflo, an amazing Swedish illustrator based in Barcelona.

The seventh artist was Blanca Miró, a multidisciplinary young artist girl from Barcelona.

The eighth artist who collaborates with Après Ski is David Gómez, a photographer and illustrator based in Barcelona.

The ninth artist was William Edmonds, based in London with a broad ranging output.

The tenth artist was Antonio Ballester Moreno, a multifaceted artist based in Madrid.

The eleventh artist was SuTurno, a surface and print design duo formed by Lucía's sister Julia and Javi.

The twelfth artist is italian illustrator Olimpia Zagnoli, with an amazing eye for colours and shapes.

The thirteenth artist to be invited to collaborate in our packaging series is japanese illustrator Oshow. I love Oshow's cheerful world, populated by monochromatic and stylised people and animals, and with an unmistakably japanese naivety to it.

The fourteenth guest artist that collaborates in our packaging series Dentro y Fuera is the wonderful French illustrator Bettina Henni, who has filled the box with a garden full of geometric flowers that remind us of those paper cut-outs from our childhood.

My brother Clemente is the fifteenth guest artist that collaborates in our packaging series Dentro y Fuera. This box has a special meaning because it features an illustration my brother drew when he was a child.

The graphic designer and illustrator David Méndez Alonso is the sixteenth guest artist that collaborates in our packaging series Dentro y Fuera.

Antonio Gonzalez, better known as Antonio Ladrillo in his role as a designer and illustrator, has been invited once again to collaborate with us in the design of this special XXL matchbox where you can keep your larger necklaces.

Since the beginning of Après Ski, the Memphis Group, the influential architecture and design movement of the 1980s, has been one of our biggest referents in the design of our collections. So we are thrilled to announce that the seventeenth artist invited to participate in our project Dentro y Fuera is French artist and designer Nathalie du Pasquier, part of the mythical collective